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2020. Том 12. № 2 (176-366)

Kiselev A. O., Iurchenko N. I.

Enhancement of state support mechanisms for sports in the Russian Federation

Introduction. Sports and physical culture currently have become the priority development areas in the Russian Federation, as is confirmed by a large number of major sports events at the federal as well as at the international level, where Russia has taken part or acted as the organizer. The paper considers various types of interaction between the state and the private sector in the field of sports and focuses on its specific features, including financing of sports events.
Aims. The aim is to work out the mechanisms for funding and development of sports in Russia based on the analysis of Russian and foreign experience in the implementation of sports projects.
Methods. Analysis of statistical indicators contained in the Federal State Statistic Service databases; correlation and regression methods; graphical method of data visualization.
Results. At present sports and physical culture are mainly funded through the state budget. However, PPP is becoming more popular and is used to build larger sports facilities and provide for organization and holding international sports events.
In compliance with the federal targeted program “Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation for 2016–2020”[1], both public and private funding for sports industry in 2000–2017 had increased and this will continue to happen in the future. Accordingly, the number of sports facilities has grown, thus providing for an increased number of jobs, which has a positive effect on both economic and social spheres.
Conclusions. Physical culture and sports have seen a lot of positive changes recently; however, this industry’s further development needs refinement of legal regulations and continuous funding. Achieving the goals of the federal targeted program is only possible through setting up a rational expenditure system as well as increasing efficiency of sports facilities management, creating an education network for the population, active construction and modernization of sports clubs and sports grounds, improving the organization of large-scale sports events. For these purposes it is therefore suggested to expand the use of public-private and municipal-private partnership.

Ключевые слова: mechanisms to finance sports; sports and physical culture; sports events; investments into sports; public-private partnership (PPP); municipal-private partnership (MPP)

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2020-1-25-43

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