Maltseva Е.P.

M. Weber's Bureaucracy Theory and Modernization of Modern Russian Bureaucracy

The processes of modernization taking place in modern Russia and concerning, first of all, a highly specific layer of the Russian society-bureaucracy are revised. This phenomenon is looked at from the position of M.Weber, a German sociologist. The key message of the paper is a great gap between the Russian administrative reforms and real practice of bureaucracy, between real administrative practices and traditions, significant advance of the intentions, ideology and key trends of administrative reforms and real state of modern Russian bureaucracy. Besides, some science-based recommendations on the changes in trend and ideology of reformation of state service institute in terms of outdated for the west Weberian model of rational bureaucracy are given.

Keywords: bureaucracy theory; administrative reform; Weberian theory of bureaucracy; patrimonial and rational type of bureaucracy; modernization of state governance

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