Blus' P.I., Vagina A.V.

Society Informatization as a Factor of Improvement of Life Quality

The article substantiates the relevance and growing importance of the study processes of society informatization as one of the factors influencing the improved quality of life of the population. Review of the scientific literature has allowed the authors to give a description of the major theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of this influence. As a result, the authors concluded that under the influence of a variety of objective and subjective factors, there appears a new quality of social inequality – the "digital", which is expressed in varying degrees of access to information and communication technologies and different levels of working knowledge of the various population categories. The authors consider that this government in the implementation of new technologies should ensure equal access for all citizens, because not only the desire but also the ability to use information technologies considerably improve their lives.

Keywords: quality of living; informatization society; information technology; e-Government; e-Citizen; digital inequality; the provision of public services in electronic form

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