Pinkovetskaia Yu.S.

Small-Scale Entrepreneurship in Russia: Basic Types of Economic Activity

Solving problems of management of small-scale entrepreneurship must be based on the regularities and trends in the development of small enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. The target of the research, with the results being given in the paper, was to analyze the specialization of entrepreneurship structures in various types of economic activity. Medium and specific values of such indicators as quantity and turnover of subjects of small entrepreneurship, and also quantity of their employees are discussed. Regularities and trends of function subjects of small entrepreneurship in various spheres are articulated. The structure of distribution quantity of small entrepreneurship subjects and quantity of their employees, and also trends of its change are analyzed. Goods production and service delivery in the entrepreneurial sector of economy in Russia are estimated. The stability of industrial distribution in small entrepreneurship in the recent years is shown. The features specific for various industries of national economy are defined. Service is proven to be specialized nowadays in most subjects of small entrepreneurship. The accounting and reporting is suggested to be simplified, the development of entrepreneurship in the agriculture and forestry, science researches, education, health, provision of social, communal and personal services should be optimized, and also offering principal new services should be facilitated.

Keywords: small enterprises; individual entrepreneurs; quantity of employees; turnover; goods; services

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