Zagorodnova E.P., Khvorostukhina O.V.

Project Management Maturity Evaluation in Regulating its Processes in Construction Companies

Being a branch of industry construction is a prime example of project-oriented approach implementation to management in organizations. More and more construction organizations today realize their need to standardize their project management processes to respond rapidly and timely to changes arising. The article presents a unified algorithm for developing corporate governance standards for construction organizations. The algorithm is based on a combination of the special features of construction and project management maturity models that determine the advisability of developing the standard. A list of the key project management characteristics was worked out to evaluate the organization’s readiness for the project management standards development and to make the government decide on either standardizing project management processes or carrying out some preparatory activities. The above-mentioned list resulted from the analysis of the existing maturity models. The suggested algorithm is easy to use in almost any construction company, regardless of its size or its life cycle stage, and allows a company to standardize its project management processes within the shortest possible time.

Keywords: standardization; corporate governance standard; project management maturity model; construction organization

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