Kapoguzov E.A., Kabizhan N.N.

Methodological Aspects for Evaluation the Quality and Performance of Public Administration in Context of Reforms in Russia and Kazakhstan

The article discusses the bottlenecks in the methodology for evaluation the quality and performance of government bodies and public administration in general. The requirements to evaluate the performance of government agencies by the institutional approach are shown. The practice of implementation of evaluation of public administration in Russia and Kazakhstan, in Russia at the meso-level, in Kazakhstan - at the national level, is analyzed. The problematic aspects of the evaluation, typical for transition countries are pointed out, the stages of formation of evaluation system of government bodies in Kazakhstan are characterized. Model of "clockwork" as a tool for visualization of consistency and coherence in the activities of the various elements of evaluation in government is presented.

Keywords: quality of public administration; evaluation of government bodies; New Public Management; reform of public administration; standards of public services; new institutional economics

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