General Requirements for Publication

The writer authorizes the Publisher of the journal (Perm State National Research University) to mention his/her articles in the list of the journal's publications and to include full-text articles in the system of the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RSCI).

The Publisher of the journal has the right to use the journal in accordance with Clause 7 Article 1260 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. This right is to last in perpetuity within and outside of the Russian Federation.

The scope of the Publisher's right to use the journal on the whole corresponds with the scope of the exclusive author's right prescribed by the Article 1270 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The Publisher has the right to grant permission to the use of the publication on the whole to a third party on the basis of special conditions at the Publisher's discretion.

Royalty fee for entitling the Publisher with the abovementioned author's rights is not paid.

The author of the article published in the journal has exclusive right on it notwithstanding the Publisher's right to use the journal.

If an author submits his/her article for publication, he/she is considered to have agreed with the abovementioned conditions of the article's usage by the Publisher and it means that the author is informed about the conditions of the article's usage. The information about the author sent to the Publisher (including e-mail letter) is seen as the author's agreement as well.

The Publisher posts the surname, initials, job title and place of work, author's e-mail address, title, abstract, and the key words of the article on the web site of the Publisher.

The Publisher includes full-text articles in the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RSCI) and posts them on the web site of the journal:

Publication royalty is not paid. Publishing the manuscripts is free of charge. The author's copy of the journal is sent to the author to the address specified by him/her.

The Editorial Board informs that an article of 40,000 letter and less is accepted in electronic version prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Editorial Board. The articles submitted to the Editorial Board are not returned.


  1. The papers should be submitted in electronic version in MS WORD(2003 and higher) format. The settings are the following ones: margins – 2 cm; font- Times New Roman; font size – 14 pt; line spacing – 1,5; tables and illustrations should be placed in the main body of the paper, tables' font and illustrations' captions – 12 pt; all illustrations should be in black and white ; table frames should not be bold. Avoid hyphenation in the paper.
  2. Put the author(s)'s name(s), scientific degree and title, place of work, job title, address and e-mail at the very beginning of the paper.
  3. Each article should be accompanied with a short abstract in Russian and in English (no more than 1 paragraph).
  4. Each paper should have key words in Russian and in English.
  5. The title of the article, author(s)'s surname(s) and name(s), scientific degree and title, place of work, job title should be written both in Russian and in English.
  6. References list, which is prepared in accordance with GOST 7.0.5-2008, is done in alphabetical order at the end of the paper. Journal or references must include the page numbers of the article (for example: Bodrov O.G. Economicheskaya svoboda v usloviyakh neopredelennosti // Financy i kredit. 2005. № 2. S. 37-43). Reference to a literary source in the text should include a running number of the paper in square brackets (for example, [2; 3]). In case a page number(s) is given, then it is presented in the following way: [2, s. 312]; [3, s. 312-320]. Reference to electronic resources of remote access (from the Internet) should include the date of reference to the document in round brackets after the URL address (date of reference: 01.03.2011). The article must contain all the references to the sources identified in the references list.
  7. Each paper must be accompanied with the information about the author including surname, name, patronymic or third name; place of work (full title of the institution, department); job title; scientific degree and title; address where the author's copy will be sent to; contact telephone number; e-mail address; consent to place a full-text version of the paper in the system of the Russian Scientific Citation Index without any compensation. Sample (information about author) (doc. 22Kb)
  8. In a cover letter an author should state that he/she agrees with the publication conditions and that this paper has not been published before and that the author is satisfied with the fact that his/her article may be reproduced in other mass media means (including electronic).Sample of cover letter (doc. 25Kb)

All papers will be reviewed. If a paper is rejected due to nonconformity with the topic, deadline or publication requirements violation and negative review on the paper, these manuscripts will not published and will not be returned.

Editorial Board consultation and journal's copy can be obtained at the following address:
Editor-in-Chief - Elizaveta A.Troitskaya. Department of State and Municipal Government. Perm State National Research University, 15 Bukireva St, Perm, 614990 Russia.
Tel./fax (342) 2-396-830 E-mail:

Publication Requirements (doc, 35 Kb)


  1. The manuscripts submitted to the editorial office of the journal are reviewed by a third party.
  2. The following papers are usually not reviewed
    a) papers of the members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, if an author of the paper is a member of the Academy, or an Academy's member is the first in the list of the authors of the paper;
    b) scientific reports made at congresses, conferences, etc. and resolutions of the forums recommended to be published by the members of the Editorial Board, which are submitted as an article;
    c) papers presented at the scientific methodological and methodological boards of the scientific organisations and of the higher educational establishments, with written resolution of the board containing the recommendation to publish the paper.
  3. The Chief Editor (Deputy Head Editor, Editor-in-Chief) sees whether a paper agrees with the journal’s profile, layout requirements and sends the paper to one of the members of the Editorial Board or to an independent expert recommended by a member of the Editorial Board for reviewing. If the paper does not correspond with the journal’s profile, the author of the paper is informed about this fact, and the paper is not published.
  4. The dates for reviewing are set individually for each paper by the Chief Editor considering the most favourable conditions to publish the paper in a timely manner. The maximum period for reviewing is 2 months.
  5. The review is confidential, the author of the reviewed paper will be given an opportunity to familiarize with the review. The author of the paper may be informed on the reviewer's surname provided that the reviewer consents to it.
  6. The reviewers are informed that the manuscripts are considered to be classified as the intellectual property of the author and must not be publicly disclosed. The breach of confidentiality may occur if the materials are claimed to be unreliable and falsified.
  7. The authors of the papers are responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the stated facts, citations, names, and for the accuracy and completeness of the reference lists.
  8. A review contains:
    a) paper response, i.e. whether the content of the paper corresponds with the title of the paper;
    b) evaluation of the topicality of the manuscript;
    c) evaluation of the manner with which the information is presented;
    d) detailed description of the positive and negative sides of the paper.
    In the final part of a review a reviewer must come to a clear conclusion whether to publish a manuscript without any changes or to improve it (with constructive critical remarks) or to reject a paper (with valid arguments).
  9. If a reviewer has some recommendations to change and improve the paper, then it is sent to the author, advising him/her to take into account these recommendations for a new version of the paper or to disagree with them giving valid reasons. A revised version of the paper should be returned to the editorial office in the period recommended by the Editor (Editor-in-Chief). In this case the date of article submission is considered to be the date, when the revised version of the paper is returned. The article is reviewed again.
  10. Some insignificant corrections of stylistic and formalist nature are made in the article without author's consent.
  11. The Head Editor or the Editorial Board, if necessary, makes the decision on the validity of publishing a paper after the review. The decision on publishing a paper is based on the expert evaluation of a reviewer taking into account scientific importance and topicality of the materials and the fact, whether a manuscript agrees with the journal’s profile.
  12. In case a paper is rejected, the editorial office sends a motivated refusal letter to the author of the paper.
  13. Editor-in-Chief (general secretary) informs the author on the decision of paper publication and specifies the dates of publication. The articles are published on a first-come, first-served basis.
  14. The original versions of the reviews certified by the signatures of the reviewers are kept in an editorial office for a year starting from the date of publication of the reviewed paper and are presented to the Higher Attestation Committee on a request by the Expert Board.
  15. The editorial office does not store rejected manuscripts. Submitted manuscripts are not returnable.

Sample of review (doc. 45Kb)

*The specified requirements are taken from:
GOST R 7.0.5-2008 Bibliographic reference. General requirements and rules of making
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