Theories of politics, economics and management

Petrov A.P.

Model Typology of Clusters

Chykarenko I.A.

Effective Management Evaluation of Sustainable Innovative Development of Territory

Bukhvalov N.Y.

Federal and Corporate Policy Aimed at Stimulating the Innovative Development of a Highly Technological Industrial Enterprise

Issues in human potential development management

Podobed N.V.

Current State and Problems of Financing of Realization of the State Youth Policy in Ukraine

Kalashnyk N.S.

Officials’ Self-education as a Component of Human Resources Management Policies in the Public Service (Ukraine)

Khovaev S.U., Isopeskul O.Yu.

Structure of Doctor's Needs as an Address Incentive Scheme Formation Basis: Perm and Perm Region Case

Economic policy and economic development management

Antipova T.V.

Monitoring Revenues and Expenditures of the Federal Budget in 2005-2012

Foreign experience of state management and international relations

Bulakhtin M.A.

Fight of the Party “Law and Justice” for a New Model of the Polish Republic

Plotnikov D.S.

“The European Factor” in Russian-Ukrainian Relations

Skoropad A.V.

Reforming the Ukrainian Civil Service on the Basis of European Experience

Sivinceva O.V.

The Instruments of NPM in the Institutional Environment of Modern China


Smirnov V.A., Fadeeva L.A., Punina K.A., Golubev S.V.

University and Regional (Local) Communities: Models of Interaction and Management Mechanisms (Russian and European Experiences)

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