Theories of politics, economics and management

Magdanov P.V.

The New Paradigm of Strategic Planning

Federal policy and management

Pakhomova L.M.

The National System of Government Procurement in the Russian Federation as an Element of Development of Public-Private Partnership

Innovation management

Zavyalov A.Yu., Persky Yu.K.

The Role of Innovative Susceptibility in Innovation Adaptation Management of the Regional Socio-Economic System (a Case Study of Russian Regions)

Selyaninov A.V., Frolova N.V.

The Role of Government Sector in Innovation System Operation

Issues in human potential development management

Napalkova I.G., Soldatova A.S.

Ethno-National Space of Contemporary Russia: Specific Development and Management Capacity

Trofimova I.N.

On the Problem of Inter-Ethnic Relations Regulation in Local Communities

Dobrokhotova М.А.

Specificity and Administration Issues in Russian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate in 1990-2000s

Economic policy and economic development management

Demin G.A.

Foreign Investment Influence on the Structure of Regional Economy (a Case Study of Perm Krai)

Resource potential management and infrastructure development

Ponomarev N.Ph.

Problems of Implementation of Information and Communication Technologies in Public Administration of Russia: The E-government in Resignation?

Zhelyaskov A.L., Seturidze D.E.

Implementation of Control and Supervisory Functions Setting Location and Condition, Performance Evaluation Use of Agricultural Land

Local self-government and development of territories

Blus' P.I., Urasova A.A.

Development Trends and Support of Local Government in the Territory of Komi-Permyak Area of Perm Krai

Ganin O.B., Ganin I.O.

"Smart City": Development Prospects and Trends


Brown E.S., Popova L.M.

Professional Development of Administrators of Pre-elementary, General, and Supplemental Education in the Sphere of Management and Economy: Presentation of Implemented Model

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