Theories of politics, economics and management

Kuzmina M.I., Skripkina O.I.

Methodological Foundations of the Preparatory Phase of Restructuring in the Course of Enterprise Structure Establishment

Kiseleva A.M., Samodinskiy K.A.

The Cluster Approach as the Base of the Realization of the Municipal District’s Socio-economic Strategy: Prospects and the Implementation Algorithm

Zagorodnova E.P., Faerberg Е.I.

Ensuring Project Deliverables Based on Strategic Analysis

Grabar V.V., Salmakov M.M.

Analysis of Projects Stakeholders: Methodology, Methods, Tools

Krasilnikov D.G., Sivinceva O.V., Troitskaya E.A.

Modern Western Managerial Models: Synthesis of New Public Management and Good Governance

Irkhin Yu.V.

Management Potential, Possibilities and Contingencies of Institutionalism and New Institutionalism

Federal policy and management

Lukyanenko Z.B., Yugova N.V.

Program-target Method in the Public Administration of the Government Sector

Issues in human potential development management

Zueva E.L., Khovaev S.U.

Self-regulated Medical Associations in Russia: History, Analysis, Perspectives

Resource potential management and infrastructure development

Lopatyuk R.I.

Identification of Investment Potential and Investment Attraction of Agricultural Enterprises (a case study of Vinnytsia Region of Ukraine)

Kiseleva A.A.

Voluntary Forest Management Certification Development as One of Key Priorities of Regional Timber Processing Complex Government Support

Foreign experience of state management and international relations

Deich М.E.

Challenges and Opportunities of Improving Public Administration in Ukraine in the Context of Social Responsibility

Belei S.I.

Concept В«Person SecurityВ» in the Foreign Policy of Canada after the Cold War

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