Federal policy and management

Pakhomova L.M.

Models of Organizing Contract Service in the Light of the State and Municipal Procurement Reform

Seliverstova N.I.

Estimating of Russian Federation State Programs as a Part of State Strategy Management

Olompiev K.S.

Evolution of the State Policy Concerning Civil Society Institutions in Modern Russia: Analysis of Presidential Addresses to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (1994-2012)

Issues in human potential development management

Zakharov V.M., Filimonova G.A.

Assessment of Professional Activity of Civil Servants in the Belgorod Region by Means of Social Networking Services

Economic policy and economic development management

Kukushkina E.A., Surenko E.N.

On the Development of the System of Statistical Monitoring of Small Business Activities in the Orenburg Region

Krasilnikova L.E., Pytkin A.N.

The Basic Factors of Agro-Industrial Complex Development

Dolzhenko R.A.

Transformation of Organizational Structure of a Bank Legal Service in the Process of Legal Support Functions Centralization

Foreign experience of state management and international relations

Bulakhtin M.A.

Law and Justice Party about the Problems of the Modern Polish State Development

Kvariani A.Z.

The European Union’s Eastern Partnership Program: from the Concept to the Current Status

Shein S.A.

The Referendum on British Membership of the European Union in the Context of David Cameron’s Conservatism


Antipova T.V., Melnik M.V.

Performance Evaluation of National Universities

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