Theories of politics, economics and management

Blus' P.I., Ovchinnikova A.S.

Some Approaches to Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Supreme Executive Authority of the Russian Federation

Zhulanov E.E.

Forecasting the Development of Regional Socio–Economic System on the Basis of Economic-Mathematical Modelling of Its Reproduced Contour

Porfir'ev E.E.

Behavior Modeling of Economic Agents to Improve the Management of Consumer Behavior

Artem’ev D.G., Grebenshchikova E.N.

Criteria for Success of the Projects to Develop a New Product on Different Stages of Their Life Cycle

Federal policy and management

Olompiev K.S.

State Policy Models in the Sphere of Interaction with Civil Society Institutions in Modern Russia

Drozdova V.A., Isopeskul O.Yu.

Correlation Between Level Coherence of Organisational Culture in Single-Window Service Offices and Satisfaction of Their Clients

Trunova O.D., Silin M.V.

Implementation Features of Public-private Partnerships in Education in Russian and International Practice

Pakhomova L.M.

Demand Guarantee as a Way to Ensure the Bids and to Enforce State and Municipal Contracts in the Contract System

Economic policy and economic development management

Zubarev N.Yu., Mirolyubova T.V., Krasilnikov D.G.

Current Imperatives of Strategic Planning in the Regions of the Russian Federation (exemplified by the territorial entities of Privolzhsky Federal District)

Urasova A.A.

Features of Development of the Food Industry in Perm Krai under Modern Conditions

Pinkovetskaia Yu.S.

On Localization of Entrepreneurial Units Services in the Regions

Local self-government and development of territories

Krasilshchikov G.G.

Evaluation of Socio-Economic and Socio-Political Development Issues of Population in Municipalities of Perm Region in 1998–2003

Foreign experience of state management and international relations

Sivinceva O.V., Titova S.R., Troitskaya E.A.

Institutional Conditions of Modern Administrative Reforms in China and Russia: Cultural and Economic Aspects

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