State policy and political institutions: historic and presentday issues

Olompiev K.S.

Russian Authorities and Civil Society: Evolution in Their Relationship in the Transition Period of 1985–1991

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2017-1-1-15

Issues in human potential development management

Mirolyubova T.V., Zubarev N.Yu.

Mortality as an Indicator to Slow Down the Socio-Economic Development in the Region

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2017-1-16-31

Zakharov V.M., Germanova O.V.

Competence Potential in Assessing the Effectiveness of Regional Management

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2017-1-32-42

Shashkova A.V.

Implementation of One of G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance – Stakeholders’ Role (Toyota Case Study)

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2017-1-43-51

Economic policy and economic development management

Urasova A.A.

Key Aspects of the Economic System Transition to the Sixth Technological Order

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2017-1-52-61

Guseva M.S., Gabbasova Ju.R.

Integrated Development of Single-Industry Towns: Experience in Samara Region

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2017-1-62-76

Pinkovetskaia Yu.S.

Assessment of the Achieved Investment in the Fixed Capital of Small and Medium Enterprises

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2017-1-77-93

Resource potential management and infrastructure development

Bukina T.V., Bukin E.K.

The Management Strategy for Development and Functioning of National Highway System

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2017-1-94-110

Foreign experience of state management and international relations

Irkhin Yu.V.

Elections of the 45th President of the USA: Key Features, Techniques, Results

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2017-1-111-131

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