State policy and political institutions: historic and presentday issues

Novichkov N.V., Serebrennikov S. S.

Global Economic Integration: Social Systems and Institutions

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-1-1-18

Issues in human potential development management

Sheresheva M. Yu., Oborin M. S., Kostanyan A. A.

Health Care as a Core Indicator for Active Involvement in Socio-Economic Activities of the Population in Older Age Categories in Small Towns and District Centers

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-1-19-37

Economic policy and economic development management

Vasil’tcov V. S., Yashalova N. N.

Climatic Policy in the Innovation Economy: National and International Aspects

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-1-38-63

Kozlova O. A., Soskova O. N.

Spatial Differentiation Factors of Urban Population Density in the Industrial Regions of the Urals and Trans-Urals

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-1-64-79

Pakhomova L.M., Pakhomov Yu.G.

Cataloging in the Procurement System: Historical Experience, Modern Issues and Solutions

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-1-80-95

Local self-government and development of territories

Sivinceva O.V., Budnik K. V.

Participatory Instruments in RF Subjects: Self-Taxation and Initiative Budgeting

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-1-96-127

Amelkina D.V.

Tourism as a Development Factor for the Historical Town of Zaraysk

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-1-128-154

Foreign experience of state management and international relations

Isobchuk M. V.

"Left Turn" and Transformation of Political Regimes in Countries of Latin America

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-1-155-167

Aytyan T. V.

Origins and Consequences of High Prices on Drugs in the USA. Ways of Solution

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-1-168-180

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