Issues in human potential development management

Stepanov A. A.

Analysis of the Employers Satisfaction with the Quality of Personnel Training in the Russian Federation

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-4-531-547

Economic policy and economic development management

Pazdnikova N. P., Blus Yu. P., Blus P. I.

Experts Evaluation of Regional Program Planning

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-4-548-568

Mirolyubova T.V., Nikolaev R. S.

Development Prospects of Large Cities’ Industrial Territories in the Regional Economy

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-4-569-597

Khamidulin V. S.

The Triple Helix Model and Regional Economic Development: The Role of Universities

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-4-598-609

Belev S. G., Vekerle K. V.

Russian Federation Tax Expenditure Efficiency Analysis (Based on Property Tax Deduction and Preferential Vat Rate)

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-4-610-630

Local self-government and development of territories

Bedrina E. B., Kozlova O. A., Ishukov A. A.

Methodology Aspects in Estimating Commuting of the Population

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-4-631-648

Ivanova O. P.

Cluster Initiatives Investment in the Territories for Priority Socio-Economic Development of Single-Industry Towns: Problems and Ways for Improvement

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-4-649-666

Shkel S. N.

Why Deputies Don’t Rebel: Political Potential of Assemblies in Small Towns of the Republic of Bashkortostan

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-4-667-686

Foreign experience of state management and international relations

Bolgova E. V., Bolgov S. A., Kurnikova M. V.

Rankings as Assessment Method for Higher Education Spatial Organisation: French Best Practices

DOI: 10.17072/2218-9173-2018-4-687-721

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